Home Repair

Q: There is severe condensation in my attic. There are ridge and soffit vents as well as additional roof vents. There is sufficient insulation. What can be done about the moisture problem?
A: Check to see if something is being vented into the attic, like a bathroom or clothes dryer. Another source may be a loose HVAC duct.

Q: What can be done to repair small cracks in a patio or garage concrete floor?
A: A pre-mixed concrete repair compound can be used. This comes in a caulking tube, is fast and easy to use, and does a pretty good job.

Q: How do you restore old patio furniture found at a garage sale?
A: It would require stripping any finish, remove rust, make required repairs and then paint it with a rust-preventive paint. Warning: check the paint before stripping if the furniture is very old — the paint might contain lead (hazardous waste) and require special handling.