We all have commitments competing for our time every day. Between work, family responsibilities, social schedules and routine chores, there is little time left to enjoy a day to do what you want. The idea for The Handyman Helper™ was conceived from the realization that many of us today have to choose between the time we spend with our families and friends and the time necessary to perform household projects.

We at The Handyman Helper™ began asking ourselves what services we wanted to provide, and realized that what we are offering our customers is Time. After all, the time you would spend painting a hallway could translate into an afternoon at the park. The time it takes to assemble a roomful of office furniture could be better spent at a dinner and a movie.

Once we began to think in those terms, we decided it made more sense to offer our customers Time Blocks instead of piece-mealing prices for different services. If it only takes an hour and 30 minutes to clean out the gutters, why not use the leftover 30 minutes to change the ceiling lightbulbs and put new batteries in the smoke alarms? In our minds, a chore is a chore, so why not ask your Handyman Helper to put good use to the time you request?

We think we have a unique way of looking at handyman services. We offer our customers installed lightswitches — and time to get a manicure — a freshly caulked bathtub — and time to get a relaxing beverage at a cafe — a painted bedroom — and time to take the kids to the beach. And the list goes on and on.

We hope you agree that It’s About Time someone offered the services of The Handyman Helper™. We are very proud to serve our community and look forward to helping you spend your time the way you want.